The introduction of Bluetooth headphones on the market has completely changed how people listen to music. Advances in sound technology have allowed some of the best wireless headphones to recreate what was previously only possible with the best home theatre systems.

Users can watch movies, videos, and listen to music on their smartphones and laptops while on the go thanks to the privacy and flexibility that wireless headphones provide.

Many Bluetooth headphones these days are lightweight and fashionable, and they deliver studio-quality sound to users. Some even offer active noise cancellation, which is ideal for people who frequently travel by public transportation or on flights.

Some have good bass, some have outstanding audio balance, and still, others produce a neutral, loud sound. Some of them even include in-line controls and call-answering capabilities. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the best earphones under 2000.

1-Infinity Glide 510 by Harman (Best wireless headphones)

So, if you’re looking for a three-day immersive auditory experience, this is it! With an incredible 72 hours of playtime and a 36mm driver, hammering out uninterrupted excellent beats will become your everyday routine.

With such long battery life, you won’t have to worry about charging it frequently. The wireless Bluetooth soft cushioned headphones can be worn comfortably around your neck for hours on end, and their lightweight, flexible shape makes them easy to carry.

Its Dual Equalizer (DQ) technology allows you to listen to your audio files in two different modes, according to your predilections: Normal Mode and Deep Bass Mode. You can activate this feature by pressing and holding both volume controls (Up and Down) for roughly 2 seconds. The Glide 510 may be set up using your smartphone’s Voice Assistant.

For less than 2000, this is a fantastic wired headset for getting the best music listening experience.


  • 72 hours of playtime with the best audio settings.
  • Fast Charging:10 minutes of charging equals 2 hours of play
  • With the 3 Button Remote, you can talk hands-free.
  • Integration of Voice Assistant
  • Ultralight and flexible


  • The speakers may fail at times.
  • You may get a lot of earaches and sometimes unable to detect any Bass.
  • The ear cup cushions may not be firm enough.

2-BoAtRockerz 550 Over-Ear Wireless Headphone

The boAtRockerz 550 is an over-ear wireless headset that has been strategically
developed to fulfill the needs of music enthusiasts. You can choose your favorite from their multiple color options.

Its strong 500mAh battery gives up to 20 hours of audio delight. Its 50mm dynamic drivers help provide an immersive musical experience.
The headset has two types of connectivity: Bluetooth and AUX. For perfect music ecstasy, it includes a physical noise isolation function.

This headphone’s lightweight allows you to wear it for long periods of time without discomfort. It is one of the best headphones under 2000 for gamingpurposes.


  • 7The sound quality is fantastic.
  • Bass seems to be very powerful.
  • It is quite comfortable to wear and fits nicely over your ears, providing excellent noise cancellation.
  • Pairing is quite simple. Even after turning it off and on, it reconnects instantly once paired.
  • The Bluetooth range is fantastic.
  • Calls are made easier with the built-in microphone.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty on the product.


  • It’ll likely be quite heavy.
  • The charger cable isn’t long enough.
  • Sometimes there are troubles with Bluetooth connectivity.

3-Boult Audio ProBass Ranger best Wireless Headphones

If you are considering the best headphones under 1500, this headphone from Boult Audio is here for you.The Boult Audio Ranger is a comfy headset with an amazing design and ultrasoft earpads.

Its Passive Noise Cancellation is primarily focused on cancelling out lower frequency sounds such as engines, aircraft, trains, and traffic noise. One of the best headphones under 2000 for gaming purposes.

With a simple 2 second click on the Boult headset, you may access it by voice command by giving directions to Siri and Google voice command.
Because of its long battery life, It has a 13-hour run time and a standby time of 1-2 days.You can enjoy a good sound experience on a budget with this headset from Boult.


  • Calls are clear and audible on both ends.
  • It is water-resistant
  • 1- year warranty of product in case of any damage.
  • The sound is well-balanced, with no overexposure or tonal overlapping.
  • Simple to connect and disconnect via Bluetooth, and it provides auditory cues.
  • Boult Audio headphones come with a high-quality Aux-cable that allows you to continue listening even when the battery runs out.
  • Has a flashing LED that indicates whether the headset is charging or turned on.


  • It’s possible to get sweaty, and prolonged use can cause minor irritation.
  • Not suitable for transit or use outdoors.
  • It is not ideal for harsh handling and is quite sensitive.

Things to Consider when buying best wireless headphones under 2000

With so many choices, it’s crucial to keep a few things in mind when shopping for the finest headphones under 2000.

Let us have a look on the Best wireless headphones above:

  1. Look for the one that provides a warranty and will replace the product if damaged within the warranty period.
  2. Provides best audio experience within budget
  3. Is smooth to the ears and easy to carry.
  4. Have long battery life and doesn’t require frequent charging.
  5. Is water-resistant and suitable while traveling.

Final Thoughts

Technology and gadgets have become an integral part of our daily lives. Headphones have their value for consumers, particularly for gamers and broadcasters.
When you use headphones, you will feel as if you are fleeing from the outer world and entering your personal space.
Therefore, it’s also critical to identify which wireless headphones to use while choosing a model.
We made every attempt to reduce your efforts and the complexity that users experience when choosing the proper product.
Hope you will choose the best according to your requirements and within budget for the best audio experience.