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These days, people are relying much on technologies, even for various kitchen appliances, such as Juicer & mixer grinders are important parts of Kitchen.

You would find a maximum household having a modern Mixer Grinder, but very few people using the traditional methods.

We can’t deny that Juicer/mixer is one of the vital parts of the modern-day kitchen in a household.

No matter what, we are always trying to find such technology that saves our time, and the juicer/Mixer does that by multitasking, including grinding, mixing, extracting juices, and more.

Below, we have made the list of the top 7 mixer/juicer that you could consider buying in the range of INR 1000 to INR 5000.

07 Best “Kitchen Appliances” Juicer/Mixer

Here’s the list of Juicer/Mixer from top brands, but everyone has their requirements so, we have pointed out its benefits and other things below.

1- Prestige Iris 750 watt Mixer Grinder with three stainless steel + 1 Juicer Jar

Best kitchen juicer & mixture

This excellent product could be your most versatile partner for the kitchen. No matter what you’ve to grind or squeeze out the juice, the three stainless steel jars and the fantastic juicer jar are at your service. In addition, the mixer grinder comes with a 750watt power consumption heavy-duty motor that helps in doing each process quickly and efficiently.

  • Jars come with Sturdy handles that enable them to hold them at ease.
  • If the product isn’t locked correctly, it won’t start to work.
  • To prevent the motor from getting overheated, it automatically cuts off the power supply to the product.

2- Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder, 750W,
4 Jars

#kitchen appliances juicer mixer

Those looking for a multipurpose Grinder could consider this fantastic mixer by Butterfly to provide a hassle-free solution for any grinding or mixing operation. Furthermore, you can easily accommodate the product as it comes in a compact set-up.

  • You can quickly switch on various speed modes.
  • The sturdy handles make it easier to hold and add a touch of style to the product.
  • It comes with anti-slip pads on the grinder base that ensure not to move the product while mixing.
  • Get a 3-speed setting knob that enables you to switch to various speeds while you prepare dishes.

3- Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder

The Bullet Mixer Grinder from Cook well comes with a sleek design and is suitable for multiple-purpose usage. The sharp steel blades and super fast 500W motor enables it to provide outstanding performance. You could quickly make healthy juice, smoothies, and shakes out of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • You won’t find any complicated attachments with the product.
  • It is multi-functional as it comes with four jars and three different blades.
  • The product is much easier to operate, clean and comes with washable & detachable parts.
  • It comes with five jars, and you can select any blade, pair it, and it’s ready to use.
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4- Maharaja Whiteline Mark 1 Happiness 450-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

If you’re looking for a high-performing mixer, this product will be an excellent choice for you. It comes with a tremendous sharp stainless blade and 4t0W motor that offers the best durability and perfect liquidising experience. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the product getting rusted or corroded. It comes with complete stainless steel.

  • You’ll get a separate pulp container, especially for juicing.
  • It comes with overload protection.
  • The detachable spout enables you to do straightforward cleaning after using the product.
  • You could do 30 minutes of continuous grinding as it is uniquely engineered with a powerful motor that offers the strength for continuous mixing or juicing.
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5- Rico Electric Juicer for Fruits and Vegetables with Japanese Technology, 350 Watt

If you are wondering about eating healthier then, start with fresh fruit juice putting all the aerated drunks aside. Rico’s product will ensure you have healthy juice each day, and you could experiment on making varieties of juices using this particular product. It comes with a super powerful 350W motor that offers efficient juicing and is much easier to clean after use.

  • The product is easy to open and clean.
  • It comes with anti-skid feet.
  • This Juicer ensures longevity with solid and durable working procedures.
  • It has the drip stoppage feature that eventually stops dripping after a juicing session.

6- AmazonBasics Premium 750W Mixer Grinder with 3 Stainless Steel Jar + 1 Juicer Jar

The product is made of high-quality material offering hassle-free mixing operations. The motor present in this particular grinder is 750W and comes with three different jars & a separate juicing jar for daily usage.

  • It comes with a motor overload protector.
  • You’ll get three-speed selecting options or knobs using which you could control the speed of the blades as per your requirement.
  • You’ll get leak-proof grinding and mixing at any conditions due to the presence of silicon rubber gaskets.

7- Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars

Those who want to take their culinary skills to the next level could consider buying this fantastic mixer Grinder by Bajaj Rex. It is made with stainless steel, preventing the product from rusting and the vacuum feet having an easy operation. It could easily carry out several tasks with the 500W powerful motor.

  • You’ll get three jars with this product for different purposes, including liquidising, grinding, and chutney.
  • The multifunction blade system is used for effortlessly grinding and mixing various ingredients.

Buying Guidelines for Juicer & Mixture:-

The below points are crucial that you must consider while buying any mixer or Juicer to buy the best product per your requirements.

Power of the Juicer&Mixture

Power consumption is a crucial matter to put your concern and if you’re looking for something that could mix or Juice more brutal stuff, go for a higher wattage product. For any Indian kitchen, 500W to 700W is the best option.

Overload Protection

It would be best if you went for those mixers that offer overload protection so that you could avoid burning the mixer’s motor in future due to overloading.


If you’re too lazy or busy doing high maintenance, choose such mixers which offer low maintenance support and avoid such juicers or mixers having several jars.

Final Conclusion:-

I hope you’ll find this article helpful and informative regarding the top Juicer/Mixer that every household requires these days. It is an essential requirement that everyone needs regularly.

So, before you buy any product, go through the guidelines to avoid inevitable mistakes during the process. Also, you can select your favourite Juicer/Mixer from the above list.

Disclaimer:- This article has some links to promote the products as an affiliate. If anyone buys from the link associated with the product. We’ll get a part of some commission on the sale, without any changes to the product prices.”