Ab Blaster Fitness Roller Wheel is a product that helps to build your Abs very fast very significantly. Fitness is always a concern for every person who really wants to be fit and keep doctors away.

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What is Ab Blaster Fitness Roller Wheel?

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When you entered the GYM. You’ve been fascinated with the styles and look of your subordinate transformation of their body part into different type-shaped cuts. Suddenly you wanted the same shapes to your body. It helps to prepare your body for the same transformation as your subordinate went on but at Home.

  • Tone up your body in all the right places with these ankle weight
  • Strengthens upper body muscles, trims your waistline, burns excess calories
  • Stretches for your back and spine
  • In-box Contents: AB Wheel
  • Better Grip and Stability for Maximum Muscles Engagement .

How & Why it is good to get ?

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Ab Blaster Fitness Roller Wheel wide and Convenient

Wide, Stable & Convenient Ergonomic

The Dr. Trust Ab Blaster Roller Wheel is ergonomically designed with a single 2 inches dual-textured treaded rubber wheel. The wheel is skid-resistant to maximize workout stability and safety. It makes it easy for you to get in a workout anytime, anywhere as its detachable body parts are easier to assemble without using any device or installation kit.

Ab Blaster Fitness Roller Wheel comfortable handgrips

Ultra-Comfortable Hand Grips

You will have a comfortable grip with full support during multi-directional exercises. Its EVA foam padded handles reduce hand fatigue during exercising hard for burning extra calories fast. They also prevent slips and trips with sufficient grip

Ab Blaster Fitness Roller Wheel Robust body

High Quality & Robust Body

This super-quality roller wheel will last a lifetime. It is very sturdy and can go beyond floor exercises. Its body is made from a combination of TPR + PP + stainless steel + NBR and supports weighty bodies. The unit strengthens the torso and improves posture if, it is used correctly.

Better Grip & Stability for Maximum Muscles Engagement

Comes with Kneeling Mat

We are providing a high-density NBR kneepad to give an extra edge to your performance. Weighs 70 g and sizes 45*20*1* cm the mat is padded adequately to maximize knees’ grip on the floor in order to help you to exercise in a more stable manner every time at every place

Lightweight, Compact & Portable

No matter where you are, you can get straight into your workout routine with zero hassle. This blaster roller wheel only weighs 450 g and has dimensions 29*18*18*cm. It is compact and extremely lightweight to take along on the go.

Beginners to Advanced

It is useful to all to perform varied kinds of exercises. It means beginners, gym-goers and professional trainers all roll on the wheel for building muscles and a healthy body. You can also customize your exercises to the high-intensity level in order to achieve your fitness goals easily.


Perfect Fitness with a Variety of Exercises

You will get an excellent AB workout with this ab roller. You can perform a variety of exercises including- Knee Rollouts, Ab Wheel Planks, V Rollouts, Wide & Narrow Stance Front Rollouts, Plank to Pikes, Knee Tucks, Bridge Holds, Oblique Tucks and lots more.

Proper Technique to Avoid Injury

Start with a kneeling position to learn exercises technique and to know about how much stress the exercises give on your abs, back and arms.

About the Brand

Dr. Trust Brand is a very well-known brand in the eyes of customers and it is also known for its quality products. The customers who owned this product are very satisfied and recommend this product to their friends and Relatives.

If I can say this is going to be, the best deal related to your fitness first step because doing daily fitness activities will lead to further ahead into their fitness.